Reclaimed Timber Furniture

FURNITURE WITH A HISTORY...Reclaimed timber furniture is popular for many reasons: the wood's unique appearance, its contribution to green building, the history of the wood's origins, and the strength, stability and durability. The wood used to make this product comes from a variety of sources, such as old barns, bridges, beams, and old factories. No new trees are cut down in the manufacturing process. Reclaimed wood has been exposed to changes in humidity for far longer and is therefore more stable. In some cases, the timbers from which the boards were cut have been slightly expanding and contracting for over a century in their previous installation.

Your furniture will age with a warm patina that will add to the character of the piece. Sealed with linseed oil, it enhances the beauty of the natural imperfections, such as nail holes and check marks found only in old timber. These features give each piece a unique appearance which is not attainable from new wood.

"Let's get old together"

Natural Imperfections are attainable only from aged timbers. Checks and cracks are not flaws but simply part of the normal aging process.

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Reclaimed Timber Furniture